Roofing, Spouting & Guttering Repairs

Stephens Plumbing are specialists in Roofing, Spouting & Guttering Repairs


Repair roof leaks, replace flashings to keep water out, replace small sections of roof iron. Roof leaks require urgent attention so don't delay and contact Stephens Plumbing.


Repair leaks, replace internal gutters and downpipes, clean out all types of spouting and gutters.


Repair and installation of all types (PVC, Copper, Galvanised Steel and Coloursteel Spouting). Full household spouting and downpipe replacements.

Stephens Plumbing doesn't only fix your plumbing problems inside the home but also those above your head. We have many years experience identifying water leaks in roofs - from tiled to corrugated iron rooftops.

Our years of experience includes repairs and installation of gutters, downpipes, spouting and flashings. We ensure that gutters and downpipes channel the rainwater off your roof and flashings keep the rain out leaving your roof free of leaks.

Stephens Plumbing can repair, clean out and install all types of spouting. We take care of everything: measuring up, organising specially made flashings and finally the installation.

Better still, save money on water and install a rainwater system. Stephens Plumbing will assist you in selecting the right product and your installation requirements.

Have your plumbing problem solved with just one email or phone call. Contact us online or call us today on (09) 5274 227, (022)3587451.